Sunday 3 December 2023

MANUU VC Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan to inaugurate Bhopal Campus on Tuesday


Bhopal (02 December 2023): Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan, the Vice Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (Hyderabad) is set to officially inaugurate its vibrant lush green Bhopal Campus here on Tuesday (05th December 2023), marking a significant milestone in the university's journey towards academic excellence.

Announcing it here today in front of local media, MANUU Regional Director (Bhopal) Prof. Mohd. Ahsan said the esteemed Vice Chancellor, Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan, will preside over the inauguration ceremony. He expressed his deep appreciation for Vice Chancellor Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan who graciously took time from his busy schedule to formally inaugurate the Bhopal Campus.

“The Bhopal Campus, characterized by its expansive and lush green surroundings, is a testament to MANUU's commitment to providing a conducive environment for education and learning. This campus stands out as the first of its kind across the country, having been allocated a substantial piece of land for its comprehensive development,” Prof. Mohd. Ahsan said.

Prof. Mohd. Ahsan emphasized the immense potential of the campus, foreseeing it as a future center of excellence.

On this occasion, Mohd. Ahsan acknowledged the collective effort that went into the realization of the Bhopal Campus. He paid tribute to those who, through their tireless dedication, contributed to the success of this initiative. Some of these individuals are no longer with us, but their legacy lives on in the form of this new campus, a testament to the power of collaboration and commitment.

He said the Bhopal Campus inauguration represents a pivotal moment for MANUU, signaling a new era of educational advancement and community engagement. The institution looks forward to continuing its mission of providing quality education that empowers individuals and contributes to the progress of society.

The inauguration ceremony is expected to witness the presence of renowned personalities from Bhopal and various parts of the country. Their attendance underscores the importance of this event in the realm of education and community development.


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