Tuesday 5 December 2023

MANUU VC Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan inaugurates Bhopal Campus


Bhopal Campus likely to be Satellite Campus

Bhopal (05 December 2023): Inaugurating a vibrant and lush green Bhopal Campus here today, Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) Vice Chancellor Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan expressed optimism about the significant potential of Bhopal and assured that concerted efforts will be made to elevate the status of the Bhopal Campus to that of a Satellite Campus.

Spread over 6.44 acres of land, the Bhopal Campus marked a momentous milestone in the university's pursuit of academic excellence. It is now home to the MANUU College of Teacher Education-Bhopal and the MANUU Regional Centre- Bhopal.

MANUU VC Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan while inaugurating Bhopal Campus

“This expansion is more than just physical infrastructure; it symbolizes a commitment to academic excellence, growth, and innovation for the university. I wonder why the Bhopal Campus hasn't attained the designation of a Satellite Campus until now. I am wholeheartedly committed to exerting 100 percent efforts to elevate the stature of the Bhopal Campus and bring it to the level of a Satellite Campus,” the Vice Chancellor said this in his address at the inauguration ceremony.

He emphasized the importance of establishing connections with the local community and madarsas in the city of Bhopal, highlighting that such engagement is essential to fulfill the university's mandate. By fostering ties with the local residents, the Bhopal Campus can tap into a vast pool of resources, thereby benefiting both the campus and the university as a whole.

Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan also announced that a vocation training center will be opened in the city of Nawab next year, subject to the availability of physical resources (such as hostel, classrooms, etc.).

Speaking on the occasion, MANUU Regional Director (Bhopal) Prof. Mohd Ahsan expressed his deep appreciation for Vice Chancellor Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan who graciously took time from his busy schedule to formally inaugurate the Bhopal Campus. Prof. Mohd Ahsan (also In-charge of Bhopal Campus), said this campus is a testament to MANUU's commitment to providing a conducive environment for education and learning. “This campus stands out as the first of its kind across the country, having been allocated a substantial piece of land for its comprehensive development,” he said.

Prof. Noushad Husain, the Principal of MANUU College of Teacher Education-Bhopal, underscores the pivotal role the CTE-Bhopal plays in fulfilling the broader mandate of MANUU. He said CTE-Bhopal has secured approval from the MANUU’s Academic Council to introduce a B.Ed. (Special Education) program, marking a significant milestone as the first of its kind in the country to be delivered entirely in Urdu medium. Furthermore, the CTE-Bhopal is at an advanced stage of proposing a four-year integrated program; this initiative aims to transform the college into a multidisciplinary institute, aligning with the principles outlined in the National Education Policy 2020.

On this occasion, Prof. Mohd Ahsan acknowledged the collective effort that went into the realization of the Bhopal Campus. He paid tribute to those who, through their tireless dedication, contributed to the success of this initiative. Some of these individuals are no longer with us, but their legacy lives on in the form of this new campus, a testament to the power of collaboration and commitment.

Gracing the occasion, Prof. Mohd Razaullah Khan, Director of Directorate of Distance Education, also graced the occasion said the new Bhopal Campus. He said distance education is crucial for reaching a broader audience and providing educational opportunities to those who may not have access to traditional on-campus programs.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by renowned personalities from Bhopal and various parts of the country, including renowned Urdu Poet Manzar Bhopali, Iqbal Masood, Retd. DGP M W Ansari, Prof. Haleem Khan, Prof. Zargham Haider, and Syed Mushtaque Nadwi.

Currently, MANUU (a central university) located at Hyderabad has Seven Schools of Studies which have as many as 19 Departments, offering various undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes. Besides, the university has three directorates --Directorate of Distance Education, Directorate of Admissions, and Directorate of Translation and Publication. The Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) operates through a network of nine Regional and five Sub-Regional Centres, spanning across 11 States in India. MANUU has established Satellite Campuses—one in Lucknow and another in Srinagar. The university further extends its educational impact through eight Colleges of Teacher Education (CTEs), five Polytechnics, three ITIs, and three Urdu Model Schools.


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