Saturday 4 March 2017

Scope of Educational Psychology

Scope of Educational Psychology:

There are three aspects of education that concern the educational psychologists (those who are experts in the field of educational psychology). These are:
1.      Learner
2.      Learning Process
3.      Learning Situation


Learner means the children or students collectively comprise the classroom group. The learner is the central theme in educational psychology. What happens in the classroom can be explained in terms of personalities, developmental stages, adjustment, and psycho-social problems of students, individual differences in psycho-motor abilities, and cognitive ability.

Learning Process: 

What goes on when people learn is terms as “learning process”. The teacher teaches and the children may learn. Sometimes, the teacher teaches a subject but the children learn something else. Sometimes, the teacher may not teach something, but the children may learn it. The educational psychologies is interest in what happens when a child learns, why he learns what teachers want him to learn, and why he learns what teachers do not want him to learn.

Learning Situation: 

It refers to those factors or conditions that affect the learner and the learning process. For example, classroom settings, attitude and behavior of the teacher, emotional climate of the school, and so on are some of the significant factors that affect the learner and the learning process. 

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