Saturday 4 March 2017

Objectives of Educational Research

Objectives of Educational Research:

There are various objectives of Educational Research. These are the following:

Educational Objectives


It is focused on describing the nature of something that previously was unknown; it is also used when the researcher tries to understand the specifics of some phenomenon or some situation to develop tentative hypotheses or generalization about it.


It attempting to learn about and generate ideas about phenomena) is especially important in the early phases of research because researchers must generate ideas about phenomena before additional research can progress.


It refers to attempting to describe the characteristics of a phenomenon. Description is one of the most basic activities in research. It might simply involve observing a phenomenon and recording what one sees.


It attempts to show how and why a phenomenon operates as it does.


It is prediction or attempting to predict or forecast a phenomenon. A researcher is able to make a prediction when certain information that is known in advance can be used to determine what will happen at a later point in time. Sometimes predictions can also be made from research studies in which the primary focus is on explanation. That is, when researchers determine cause-and-effect operation (explanations), the can use this information to form predictions.


It attempts to apply research to make certain outcomes occur. This objective refers to the application of research knowledge rather than the generation of research knowledge. It refers to the application of previous research to control various aspects of the world.