Tuesday 15 March 2022

‘Introspection’ needed for promotion of Urdu medium education: Manoj Shrivastava (IAS)

Bhopal, 15 March 2022: Citing a survey wherein 98 percent government school teachers do not send their offspring to Urdu medium schools in the wake of lack of opportunities widely perceived, Manoj Kumar Shrivastava, Additional Chief Secretary (retired) to the government of Madhya Pradesh, has called for “introspection” for the promotion of Urdu medium education across the country.

“It is of no use crying for the promotion of Urdu language. The fact of the matter is that only 4.2 percent of family send their children to Urdu medium schools as per the Census 2011. We really need to introspect ourselves,” Mr. Shrivastava said here on Monday at the inaugural session of the two-day national seminar (14-15 March 2022) on ‘NEP 2020: Role of Urdu Medium Education in Achieving National Development Goals’.

The national seminar has been jointly organized by MANUU Regional Centre and College of Teacher Education-Bhopal. It has been sponsored by the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Education which was set up to promote, develop and propagate Urdu language across the country.  

Mr. Shrivastava quoted a survey conducted by the government of Karnataka wherein it was reported that 98 percent government school teachers do not send their children to Urdu medium schools.

Hailing from Bhopal, Mr. Shrivastava had received his early education in a Hindi medium government school. He categorically said that Hindi as well as Sanskrit languages are also facing the same situation as thus creates a space for the three languages – Urdu, Hindi & Sanskrit—to come together and make a common voice for their promotion.

Addressing the audiences comprising intellectuals, teacher educators, research scholars as well as students, Mr. Shrivastava urged the pupil, who receive their education in Urdu medium schools and colleges, to come out of this inferiority complex, realize their potentials, do hard work and achieve what they deserve for.

Talking about the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, he said what openings are there in the new policy need to be identified and then utilized to the maximum extent for the betterment of Urdu language and Urdu medium education.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Halim Khan, Ex-Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Madarsa Board, welcomed the National Education Policy 2020. He said Urdu language has huge potential which can contribute to the nation building. He said the new policy supports teaching 1-5 students through their mother tongue. “Now, it is our responsibility to provide quality education through Urdu medium. Students coming to Urdu medium schools are equally good; they only need orientation and grooming,” he opined.


Prof. Khan also lauded the efforts and contributions by Manoj Srivastava for the promotion of Urdu language, particularly for the allotment of land for College of Teacher Education, Bhopal.

In his welcome address, Prof. Ahsan, Convener of the National Seminar, expressed concern over the fact that nearly 50 percent primary schools in India do not have sufficient number of teachers which makes it difficult to achieve National Development Goals.

Prof. Ahsan said the university (Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad) has approved to set up two hostels of 300 beds– one for boys (150 beds) and the other for girls (150 beds) at the newly built campus of College of Teacher Education-Bhopal.

Chief guest Prof. A.R. Fatihi from Aligarh Muslim University, highlighted the importance of various aspects of language. Lauding the National Education Policy 2020, he stated that there is a need to honestly work and implement the provisions made in the new policy which can yield good results in the time to come.

The vote of thanks was given by Principal of MANUU College of Teacher Education-Bhopal Prof. Noushad Husain. He is also the Coordinator of the National Seminar. He stated that paper presentations will be done in both offline as well as online mode.

After the inaugural session of the national seminar was over, the first technical session started.  It was presided by Prof. Sajid Jamal from Aligarh Muslim University.

Indian monuments paintings were presented to the guests. The paintings were done by Mr. Saifuddin Ansari, Assistant Professor at MANUU College of Teacher Education, Bhopal. Prior to joining MANUU, he had displayed his artwork in Germany, China and Pakistan which were globally appreciated. The technical support was given by Mr. Shabbir Ahmed, Syed Md. Kahful Wara, and Dr. Tarannum Khan.

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