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What are the "Factors of Learning"?

What are the "Factors of Learning"?

Factors of Learning

There are various factors that assist the process of learning among human beings. These factors can be divided into the following categories:

Psychological Factors:

These are the most important factors in the process of learning. It includes the following factors:
  • Generalization: When an individual goes through many similar and comparable experiences, he/she discerns the common element among them. On this basis, he/she formulates a general rule that has considerable influence on his/her future conduct.
  • Facilitation: It is an important factor in learning because it is human tendency to learn activities that are simple and interesting.
  • Differentiation: An individual distinguishes between dissimilar objects or compares them in such a manner to bring dissimilarity.
  • Inhibition: It is an obstructive psychological element or factor in learning. In this, some psychological elements provide obstruction in the learning process.
  • Integration: It helps to improve one’s insight into the subjects already learnt.
Physiological Factors:

Learning is more a psycho-physiological process than a purely psychological one. Following are the important physiological factors in learning:

·     Fatigue: In a state of fatigue, the individual’s capacity to learn is considerably reduced and all that is learnt is also easily forgotten.
·      Drugs and intoxicants: These are the obstacles in the process of learning.
·     Diseases: Disease, whether it is physical or mental, obstructs learning as it reduces the capacity to grasp and learn.
·  Excited Physical Condition: An excited bodily state, arising out of emotion cause difficulty in learning.
·   Difference in Age and Maturity: Before any particular activity can be acquired, it is necessary to attain a particular level of maturity that can only come at a particular age level.

Physical Factors:

The physical factors have also some importance in the learning process. For example, high and low temperature, noise, and amount of humidity, all these conditions influence the process of learning.

Social Factors:

Man is a social animal and all his activities are influenced by the social conditions, for example, imitation, suggestion, sympathy, praise, competition, and cooperation. All these factors influence the learning process.